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Application Process

The California State University System is currently changing application systems. To view the application cycles for Master's programs in Fire Protection Engineering, please visit Admissions' Graduate Program Deadlines website.

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Other Admission Information

Conditional Admission

Applicants who meet all the admissions requirements are admitted as "Classified" Graduate students. Applicants who are deficient in one or more admission requirements may be admitted as "Conditionally Classified" graduate students to work toward graduate degrees if certain specified conditions are met within a reasonable period of time. After such conditions are satisfied, the Advancement to Candidacy process is used to change status to an unconditional "Classified" graduate student. The specific conditions to be met by a conditionally classified student are specified in the letter of acceptance. Specific conditions typically include successful completion of two or three courses within the program with a letter grade of B or better in each course, but other conditions may apply in individual cases.


The FPE program is offered through special session. This permits qualified non-matriculated students, i.e. students who have not yet been admitted to the FPE program, to take FPE classes. This option allows students to sample the course offerings so they can decide if they want to pursue the degree. It also allows working professionals to enhance their skills in particular areas.

Up to 12 units (3 classes) taken as a non-matriculated student may be applied to your degree once you apply to the program. Students who apply as non-matriculated students will be contacted by the graduate coordinator to verify they have the proper preparation to be successful in a particular class.

Transfer Students

Students enrolled in MS degree programs in FPE or related fields at other institutions may seek to transfer to the FPE program at Cal Poly. As noted in the Cal Poly catalog, no fewer than 32 quarter units of a 45-unit program shall be completed in residence at Cal Poly. This means that up to 13 quarter units can be transferred from other institutions. A course taught "in residence" is normally a catalog offering or approved experimental course taught by a Cal Poly faculty member.

Extension courses may not be used to fulfill the residency requirement. However, summer session courses, and up to 12 units taken as a non-matriculated student, can be counted as courses in residence. Petitioned graduate courses taken at Cal Poly as an undergraduate count as taken in residence. Courses for which students received credit by examination may be petitioned to count as taken in residence. In general, this means that credit for up to 3 courses can be transferred from other institutions or from Open University. The Graduate Coordinator of the FPE program is responsible for determining the acceptability of transfer credits.

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