FPE Master’s Degree Tuition & Cost

The Fire Protection Engineering Program at Cal Poly is a self-sustaining program; no state resources are used to support the program.

The current fees for the FPE Master's program have been established at $625 per unit. These fees may change without prior notice. In addition to program fees, students who are matriculated in a self-support degree program offered through Cal Poly Extended Education will be required to pay additional university fees:

In addition to the program fees, students who are matriculated in a selfsupport degree program offered through Extended Education will pay some or all of the following university fees:

Visit Administration & Finance Fee Descriptions for the above fees. Visit a detailed listing of mandatory fees and other university fees.

Additional fees may be required to receive services, materials, or to use facilities provided by the university.

On-Campus Students On-Campus International Students Distance/Online Students
Registration Fees* $15,000 $15,000 $15,000
Additional On-Campus Fees $1,438 $1,438 $90
International Fees** $0 $900 $0
International Health Insurance*** $0 $1,165 $0
TOTAL TUITION & FEES $16,438 $18,503 $15,090
Books $1,002 $1,002 $1,002
Supplies $0 $0 $0
Room & Meals $14,706 $14,706 $0
Transportation $1,317 $1,317 $0
Miscellaneous $1,518 $1,518 $0
Est. Loan Fees $72 $0 $72
TOTAL COST OF ATTENDANCE $35,053 $37,046 $16,164

*Fees are $625 per unit, and 45 units are required for degree completion. Annual student registration fee is based on full-time enrollment.
**UU Fee and Health Services Fee
***International Health Insurance fee varies by quarter.

More Information

  • Registration fees are estimated and subject to state budget approval.
  • Federal Loan borrowers have estimated loan fees added in the cost of attendance.
  • Distance/Online students are not expected to attend any classes on campus; otherwise, on campus rates would apply.
  • Distance/Online students in the MS program are also responsible for costs associated with traveling to San Luis Obispo to present and defend their culminating projects.
  • Textbook cost is an estimated amount associated with textbooks and handbooks used for all courses in the FPE program.
  • Costs do not include room and board, transportation or other living expenses