Program Faculty Members


The FPE program includes a number of Cal Poly faculty members and working professionals as instructors in the program. Many courses will be taught by teams of instructors to provide both theoretical and practical perspectives on the subject matter. A number of working professionals also serve as professional mentors for students in the program.

Dr. Frederick Mowrer

Dr. Mowrer is a Professor-in-Residence and is the Director of Fire Protection Engineering Programs at Cal Poly. Dr. Mowrer spent 20+ years on the faculty of the Department of Fire Protection Engineering at the University of Maryland before retiring with emeritus status in 2008; he served on the Board of Directors of the Society of Fire Protection Engineers for 8 years, including a term as President of the SFPE in 2002. Dr. Mowrer has broad expertise in the field of fire protection engineering and will be involved in teaching a number of the courses in the program.

Professor Christopher Pascual

Mechanical Engineering

Professor Pascual is the Graduate Coordinator of the FPE Program, with responsibility for program admissions. He has expertise in thermal sciences and will be involved in teaching courses related to the thermal sciences.

Associate Professor Richard Emberley

Mechanical Engineering

Professor Emberley has expertise in thermal sciences, structural engineering and fire protection engineering. He will be involved in teaching a wide variety of courses such as fire dynamics, flammability, structural fire safety, and fire safety regulations and management. He will also be advising thesis projects.

Professor Lonny Simonian

Construction Management

Professor Simonian has expertise in electrical systems and ventilation systems; he will be involved in teaching courses related to fire detection, alarm and communication systems, and smoke management systems.

Francisco Joglar

Professor Joglar is a senior consultant with the Kleinsorg Group Risk Services. He has expertise in fire protection for commercial nuclear plants, fire modeling and Fire Probabilistic Risk Assessment (FPRA).